materials & care

While we know kids can be messy, we still encourage you to care for their items just as you would your own, because what we do with their clothing is more important than you may think.


Morton & Mabel is proud to use real horn and corozo nut buttons, which are truly the mark of an excellent product. The horn buttons can be made from deer or buffalo antlers, but be assured that neither animal is harmed during the process. We chose natural buttons rather than synthetic, plastic options because of their high-quality finish.

In addition, each button is entirely unique. These fasteners are an incredible reminder that children are incomparable, as well. We love each child for their individual character, and we hope you appreciate the differences in every one of our buttons.


We get it — you’re short on time, all the time. But did you know, washing in cold water and line drying afterwards could actually elongate clothing’s lifetime wear from weeks to years?

Each laundry cycle puts stress on the fibers of our clothing, thus reducing its lifespan and minimizing its overall quality.  We want you to feel excited about your investment, and to remember that kids’ clothing doesn't have to be disposable. To guarantee these pieces are passed on, they first need to receive the proper care. And this all goes without mentioning the positive environmental impact you can have, simply by purchasing less and being conscious with your laundering methods.







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