As a mother

I need to keep track of a lot. And I end up using my brain power on even the smallest of tasks. Before I had kids, I dreamt of how their closets would look and pictured them dressed as little 'mini-me's.' Two kids later...that is no longer the case.  I seem to always feel short on time and the desire to "style" my kids has changed.


When I try to buy them something new, I find that I'm dissatisfied with the gap between over-stylized pieces and bare basics in the children's market.  The industry is flooded with bows, sequins, ribbons, and prints.  There are very few options which are timeless and truly effortless.  My solution was to create basic silhouettes with great design, using fine fabrics that still leave room for a child's imagination.  In designing this line, I certainly didn't want to enforce my personal style choices on my children.  But... let's face it, they're an extension of me.  And that's why I started Morton & Mabel.  I want to take the stress out of kids' wardrobes and provide options for minimalist parents.


Now, I can understand how building a wardrobe for a growing child might seem silly.  So my aim is to give you timeless clothing that can be passed on -- whether that means sharing pieces with a sibling, saving them for future generations, or passing them along to others in need.  What's more, this intention falls right in line with the #mmgetgive program.  If you're like me, you've adopted the mindset for your closet : +add a piece, -subtract a piece.  Our program not only allows us to put the idea into motion, but it gives us the opportunity to model it with our kids.

“I want to take the stress out of kids’ wardrobes and provide options for minimalist parents”




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